Friday, December 7, 2012



I haven't whipped out my snakeskin pants since the middle of the summer (i think), but i'm glad i did yesterday (thursday). FYI, this outfit was a total accident. I woke up super late! I had class at 8am, but i woke up at 7:12am & left the house by 7:30am! That rarely happens for me (being able to wake up that late, get kinda cute, and still make it out the house on time) but I just love when it does! Of course, i couldn't get everything done, so i donned the H&M shades since i was makeup-less today. The pants are also from H&M, while the top & necklace are from Charlotte Russe. The shoes are Lovestruck by Ninewest, which are still slightly uncomfortable given how long i've owned them and how many times i've worn them, but they're super simple & cute so worth it!

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